The Primary Objective and the Major Challenge

Our primary objective here at Premier Kickboxing & BJJ is to share effective martial arts, in its purest form, with as many people as possible.  To accomplish this, we organized our 1,000s of techniques into a linear curriculum, standardized our teaching methodology, and trained a team of highly qualified instructors so that we could export the learning experience through a network of Certified Training Academies.   While this approach significantly increased our ability to reach beyond the walls of the Premier Academies, we still were not able to meet the demand. 

The New Premier Club
We created the Premier Club classification to serve communities that lack a Certified Premier Academy.  Derived from the original club concept.

There is no fee to apply for a Premier Club status – it is 100% free.  As long as you meet the minimum qualification requirements below.

  • Instructional Source: You must training at an official Premier Academy.

  • Training Area: Your facility must have at least 100 square feet of mats.

  • Premier Academy Distance: Your facility must be outside a fifteen-mile radius of any existing Certified Premier Academy (or operate with the written permission of the Premier Academy owner). 

Once Accepted
If you qualify as a Premier Club, we will add your location to our list of approved facilities under the name that you specified in your application.  A potential student searching for Kickboxing or BJJ in your community will see your listing.  If interested in training at your facility, the candidate will send you a message indicating their interest.

Premier Club Benefits
As the leader of a Premier Club you are helping the Premier share Kickboxing or BJJ with your community, and that makes you an extended part of the family.  In appreciation of your dedication, we will reward you with:

  • Free Training at a Premier Academy: Premier Club leaders are family, and family trains for free. 

  • 10% Discount on all Premier Merchandise: Most people wear Premier Gear to look good; family members wear it to spread the word.  As a result, we give all Premier Club leaders a 10% discount on all merchandise - at all times.  This includes everything in the Store, from t-shirts and training equipment to duffel bags.

  • Surprise Visit by Master Foran: Owner and 7th Degree Black Belt, Master Foran has been known to randomly show up at a Premier Club without warning or notice! As an active Premier Club, we automatically enter you for this chance of a lifetime! The only requirement: when you hear Master Foran knocking on your door, let him in!

But some of the most important benefits of operating a a Premier Club are non-material.  They include:

  • Teaching Practice: As your skill level increases, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge with less skilled training partners.  By helping them, you will deepen your technical understanding as you solve problems and address questions presented by students with different body types and physical capabilities.  Teaching will not only improve your instructional ability, but will also improve your skills.

  • Linear Learning:  For decades, everyone (including us) taught classes by following a loosely organized curriculum based on the needs of the group.  For new students in particular, this approach was very frustrating, as there appeared to be no logical progression. We applied our many years of teaching experience toward developing a sequential program that minimizes the time required to master the art.  Previously, we only taught this system in private classes.  Today, we use this linear learning method for all instruction and it’s available to you exclusively through a Certified Premier Academy.

  • Ego-less Training: Training injuries usually occur when practitioners are more concerned with victory than with safety.  If you follow our curriculum and train with trusted friends, then you can avoid the potentially injurious, “tough-guy” egocentric environment you find at most mixed martial arts schools.

  • From Premier Club to Certified Premier Academy: The original Premier Academy succeeded because it started with the large existing student base that transferred from a small club in a school hall.  Likewise, your Premier Club could be a great source of prospective students if you decide to take the next step and become a Certified Premier Academy.  Once you hone your teaching skills, build a team of dedicated students, and if you are interested in starting a commercial martial arts school, you may qualify to partake in the Premier Certified Instructor Training Program and transition from a Premier Club to a Premier Certified Academy, just like Stuart & Nula in Newton Abbot!