Team up


Training at Premier BJJ, the ultimate goal is to make it to Black Belt. Black Belt means you are now a serious student and the real learning begins.

For most adults a BJJ Black Belt takes about 7 to 10 years of consistent training, kids will be considerably longer. That can be a long time and obstacles, roadblocks, and challenges are likely to pop up. So when this happens should we throw in the towel and quit? NO WAY!

For juniors there can be temporary periods when their interest and motivation dips. This can happen for a number of reasons. Their progress might be off track because they were sick or on holiday. They may be discouraged because one of their friends earned a stripe and they didn’t.

This is a chance for us to team up and strengthen their character. Quitting can become a habit no one wins when a child gives up on a goal or themselves. So the next step is to work together to find out what the issue is and team up to fix it. When obstacles pop up, communication between the parents and instructors should be the next step!

For adults the challenges could be an injury, a busy work schedule, or stinkin' thinkin' which can lead to hardening of the attitude. Again, this is time to increase the communication. We are confident that when we put our heads together we can come up with a solution and keep you on the climb towards Black Belt!

Tony Robbins says, “There is always a way if you are committed.”

Thank you for trusting Premier with your development, we wont let you down.